The Aztec’s secret for clear skin

It is a lazy Saturday afternoon and I have decided to treat myself to a face mask, this is the best face mask I have ever used, it is the Aztec Secret: Indian Healing Clay Mask, I heard about this from one of my favourite YouTubers Kathleen Lights, if you have never watched her before you definitetly should because she is amazing, her make up looks are so beautiful and easy to do! This mask is super inexpensive, I bought it off ebay for $25 (Australian dollars) and there is so much product I won’t be running out anytime soon. It is in a powder form so it instructs you to mix it with apple cider vinegar so you can make a paste. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Above is everything you will need; The indian healing clay, apple cider vinegar, a cup to mix everything in, measuring spoons and I have a paddle foundation brush that I use to apply my face masks.

I scoop out 1 teaspoon of the powder into the cup and then add the apple cider vinegar, add a small amount of vinegar and mix with the brush before adding more, this allows you to make sure you get the right consistency, you don’t want it to be too thick or too runny.


When the apple cider vinegar mixes with the clay it will fizz like you can see in the picture.


Put this all over your face and under your chin to your neck for 15-20 minutes, the instructions say that you will “feel your face pulsate”, I wouldn’t say that I have experienced any pulsating but this mask definitely does get very tight so if you have sensitive skin you might need to remove it earlier. I use this mask twice a week and I think it helps keeping my skin clear and it gives it a nice glow, I strongly recommend this face mask ❤

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